Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1030 Looped Cable Lock (930cm - 10mm - grey)

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Cable Lock Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1030 Looped

Very flexible plastic coated end loop cable.

In conjunction with a padlock, the cable serves as an ideal additional protection for helmets, seatposts, front wheels, child trailers etc ..

The need for security varies depending on the situation. Where you park your bike and how long you leave it unattended are the primary factors that affect the required level of security. This overview lets you choose the level of security that best suits your needs. For more information, click the appropriate security level. Kryptonite recommends investing 10% of the total value of your bike in security products. We also recommend using two locks instead of one. This scares most bike thieves and makes them look for easier prey.


Cable locks have only a deterrent effect. They provide practical and flexible security, but should only be used in areas with low theft risk or as additional protection.

Safety Tip:

Cable locks can also be used to secure helmets, jackets and outdoor gear.


  • 10mm plastic coated end loop cable
  • Serves as additional security for helmets etc.
  • Length: 930cm
  • Weight: 1,84kg
Weitere Informationen
Weitere Informationen
PrimärfarbeGrau, Silber
Ketten- / Kabellänge930cm
Kabel- / Bügeldurchmesser10mm
Lieferumfang1 Stück
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