Topeak Pocket Shock DXG XL Suspension Pump (with steel flex hose)

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Topeak Pocket Shock DXG XL Suspension Pump (with steel flex hose)

The XL brother of the PocketShock DXG, works just as precise, but comes with a larger cylinder for faster filling. The generous display allows exact reading of pressures up to 24.8 bar / 360 psi. The air release button and the Pressure-Rite valve connection facilitate adjustment and prevent air from escaping when unscrewing. The flexible, particularly durable steel hose protects the valve during pumping. Perfect for the daily work in the professional workshop.

more details:

  • Cylinder: Aluminum
  • Grip: fiberglass composite
  • Pressure gauge: analogue display 24, 8 bar / 360 psi 18 8 cc per stroke
  • Features: pressure release button, 360 ° rotatable hose
  • Dimensions: 30, 5 x 4, 5 x 4, 3 cm
  • Weight: 203g

about Topeak

You drive to challenge yourself.... Training for the next race, or meeting friends for a day on the trails, or just a short trip to the store. It's in your DNA to dig deep and push the pedals.... and it's in our DNA to improve your ride.

If there is a word we would use to describe our everyday life at Topeak, it would probably be innovation. Like a thunderstorm crashing down a mountain slope, this passion forces us 24/7 to create the highly functional, state-of-the-art products you enjoy every time you ride. Yes, many companies say they are innovative, but how many have the products that support them?

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